Guaranteed erasing of your name from World-Check and from the black list of Thomson Reutes!

The term of deletion information

We will tell you the exact time which we need for deleting your negative data from the World Check.

Safe verification

You can check that the information has been deleted, this is confirmed by the certificate issued by us.

Confidentiality Contract

The communication between the client and our company is completely confidential.

Cost of services

Our prices guarantee the result. If you do not get the desired result, we will refund the money. Satisfied customers: 100%

What is World Check? This is a corporate database used by banks and other institutions to verify clients for money laundering and financial terrorism. World Check contains data of more than 2.000.000 persons who work in governmental organizations or are under sanctions for economic crimes.


Guaranteed erasing of your name from World-Check and the corporate blacklist of Thomson Reuters!

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  • Banks do not close your bank accounts.

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    World Delete was born with the only goal to help you to get a new opportunity in the world of private and public banking, erase any negative information that may affect your reputation or your company. World Delete completely eliminates any information from the Internet, newspapers or social networks. Our results are guaranteed. If we cannot erase the negative information, we will refund the money.


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