Erase data from the Internet
  1. Can World Delete eliminate my name and surname from the newspaper?

    Yes. World Delete can remove your first and last name from any online newspaper anywhere in the world.

  2. Can World Delete eliminate video from the Internet?

    Yes. World Delete can eliminate any type of multimedia content from any social network, such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc…

  3. How long does it take World Delete to delete information on the Internet?

    World Delete investigates each case individually. We have customers who have more than 100 links with negative information on the Internet and customers who have only 1 link. As a rule deletion of the date on the Internet can take from 1-6 month depending on the content of each link and depending on its quantity.

  4. Is link deletion confidential?

    World Delete processes all information privately. We guarantee anonymity to the client no matter what contract you signed.

  5. What will be if World Delete does not delete the information?

    In 99% of cases World Delete solves assigned task of the client. If World Delete cannot erase any of the client`s references then World Delete refund the money to the client.

  6. How many contracts should I sign with World Delete?

    In case the client wants to conclude a contract with our company, we will send the following contracts to the client:

    1. Confidentiality contract: A contract provides confidentiality between World Delete and the client.
    2. Contract for services: A contract that provides erasing of negative data about the client on the Internet and search engines Google, Bing or others.
    3. Appropriation of Actions: The client signs the contract which confirms and allows World Delete to delete links with negative information.
    4. Annex with references: The client signs the annex to the contract where all the links for deletion are written.

  7. Does World Delete completely erase information from GOOGLE?

    Yes. World Delete completely erases information from Internet search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or others.

  8. How can I trace the deleted links?

    When you sign a contract with World Delete, we provide you with a login and password to the Intranet, where you can see which links were deleted. In any case, World Delete automatically sends you an email every time the link is deleted.

  9. Can you eliminate negative data about the company or brand?

    Yes. World Delete can eliminate any negative information about your company or brand from any web page, forum, social networks or newspapers

  10. Can you delete negative information from a social network or online forum?

    Yes. World Delete can delete any negative information about you or your company from any online forum, social network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others)

  11. How much does it cost to erase my name and surnames from the Internet?

    Our managers will make an individual calculation of the cost of services according to the complexity and problem of the client. We study the problem of each customers and provide a completely individual cost sheet.

Erase data from World Check
  1. Is it really possible to erase data from World Check?

    Yes. World Delete has worked for several years to succeed in eliminating any information in the World Check databases.

  2. How can I know that my name and surname appear in World Check?

    Usually our clients have been notified by their proxies. In any case, World Delete can check if your data is in World Check.

  3. If my bank account is closed, when can I open another one?

    As a rule, the client can open a new bank account after 4 months without its cancellation. According to experience, our professionals calculated that a new account can be opened approximately in 4 months.

  4. How long does it take to erase my name and surname from World Check?

    World Delete needs about 6 month.

  5. What will be if World Delete cannot delete the information from World Check?

    If we cannot delete your name from the World Check, we will refund all the money. Our success rate is 99%.

  6. What documents should I sign with World Delete?

    You need to sign only 2 contracts:

    1. Confidentiality contract: A contract which provides confidentiality between World Delete and the client.
    2. Contract for services: A contract with World Delete which provides services for the deletion of data from World Check.

  7. How can I find out that my data were deleted from World Check?

    After you signed the contracts and made the first payment, our sales managers will provide you with a copy of the information that is in World Check. Moreover, when the information is deleted, the company will give you a report that information about you is erased from the World Check.

  8. How much does it cost to erase my name and surnames from World Check?

    Our managers will provide you with a cost estimate of services that will meet your needs. We study the capabilities of our customers and provide a fully individual estimate.

Do you have more questions?

    World Delete was born with the only goal to help you to get a new opportunity in the world of private and public banking, erase any negative information that may affect your reputation or your company. World Delete completely eliminates any information from the Internet, newspapers or social networks. Our results are guaranteed. If we cannot erase the negative information, we will refund the money.


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