The largest companies in the world trust us and we continue to grow with the help of the best technologies.

We make the procedure simple, without letters, complicated contracts and guarantee the best result due to our great experience. We have been working for more than 7 years in this field and we became number 1 in the whole world. Below we will briefly explain how to conclude contract for our services and how to start working with us.

Client’s application

We offer the client to come to our offices where we will explain how our company works and what guarantees we give. If the client cannot come to us, we can organize videoconference.

Regular researches

After meeting with the client, the team of professionals determine the deadline for the work and the way to delete the content from the Internet or from the financial databases (World Check or others).

Individual calculation of the service`s cost

Due to the report provided by a professional team, we make an individual calculation of the service`s cost for our customers, so the price is adapted for each client and is completely individual.

Signing contracts

If the customer approves the cost, we will provide a contract for signing with World Delete. The contract protects the rights of the client, ensures confidentiality and guarantees the quality of the services provided by us.

Access to Intranet

Our sales manager provides you with a login and password so you can see the status of your files and progress in its removal. Our intranet is exclusive and developed only for our customers.

Deletion of information

Negative information about you on the Internet or in financial blacklists has been successfully eliminated. Our client can check this information on the Intranet, the Internet or with the help of the certificate that we give him.

    World Delete was born with the only goal to help you to get a new opportunity in the world of private and public banking, erase any negative information that may affect your reputation or your company. World Delete completely eliminates any information from the Internet, newspapers or social networks. Our results are guaranteed. If we cannot erase the negative information, we will refund the money.


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    England: +44 203-695-5305