Partner Program

With leading technologies in the elimination of negative data, World Delete offers you opportunities to expand your business.

  • BASIC PACKAGE annual plan
  • 8%
  • Cross-selling
  • *7 Consultations per month in World Check
  • 8% Commission for the customer
  • Incentives to attract customers
  • PRO PACKAGE annual plan
  • 12%
  • Cross-selling
  • *18 Consultations per month in World Check
  • 12% Commission for the customer
  • Incentives to attract customers
  • *Certificates in .pdf blacklist
  • DEVELOPER PACKAGE annual plan
  • 15%
  • Cross-selling
  • *30 Consultations per month in World Check
  • 15% Commission for the customer
  • Incentives to attract customers

*All programs have special conditions which are written into the contract between the Parties (World Delete and Partner). Requests in the World Check database are not free and have an additional cost which must be paid after consultation.

For over 7 years, World Delete has been helping small and medium-sized companies to achieve the success. Over the years, more than 2,000 people and companies have taken advantage of our services, making World Delete the leading company in the world.

World Delete partners get benefits and receive commercial profit, as well as compensation for each customer and the possibility of development in the field of services that they provide.

If you are a lawyer, a technology services distributor, a software developer, a professional office worker, or you are implementing management solutions, you can increase your business growth faster and more efficiently if you become a World Delete partner.

1.Join the world’s leading brand.
2.Take advantage of the great growth opportunity with more than 100 million potential customers.
3.Increase your business with new sales, customer reviews and service options.
4.You will be our dealer on a constant basis. We provide our Partner with the same terms and conditions as our customers, helping Partners to establish profitable and permanent relationships with their customers.
5.All services offered to prospective clients are legal, without violating the law or jurisprudence of any country.


More than 1,600 people used our services to erase negative data on the Internet and World Check during the last year. A total of 800 companies applied to World Delete with the request to eliminate negative data in the mass media and the Internet search engines.

More Information

    World Delete was born with the only goal to help you to get a new opportunity in the world of private and public banking, erase any negative information that may affect your reputation or your company. World Delete completely eliminates any information from the Internet, newspapers or social networks. Our results are guaranteed. If we cannot erase the negative information, we will refund the money.


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    Argentina: +54 115-983-9383
    Italy: +39 069-670-1558
    England: +44 203-695-5305