We delete information detrimental to your reputation on the Internet

The Division that focusses on the protection of the on-line reputation of natural and legal persons.

Deleting data

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Deleting data

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Deleting data

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Deleting data

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About us

World Delete is provided with more than 10 years of experience

World Delete is a technological division of World Intelligence that specialises in deleting content on the Internet: social networks, digital press, photographs, videos, iCloud database documentation, negative comments or reviews and any other kind of detrimental information that may affect the reputation and credibility of companies, institutions and individuals.

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Financial data

Delete financial data from private databases

Use of these databases by financial institutions provides them with knowledge of the reputation of their clients in financial matters; court rulings, financial crimes committed anywhere in the world, records of press articles for issues related to the economy.


non-disclosure agreement

World Delete enters into a mandatory non-disclosure agreement with all its potential customers. It consists of an agreement between the Parties pursuant to which the information to be exchanged in the course of the commercial and professional relationship will be kept in custody and treated as strictly confidential for an indefinite period.

We get it right the first time and therefore we can apply a money-back guarantee.– all our customers get the results they need or a full refund of the price.

Deleting detrimental content de from any platform on the Internet.