Our company

World Delete is a technological division

that specialises in deleting content on the Internet

Delete content on the Internet

Social networks, digital press, photographs, videos, iCloud database documentation, negative comments or reviews and any other kind of detrimental information that may affect the reputation and credibility of companies, institutions and individuals.


Provided with more than 10 years of experience

World Delete is provided with a team of experts in Internet-related technologies with more than 10 years of experience. There are no experiments or failed attempts here at World Delete. We get it right the first time and therefore we can apply a money-back guarantee.– all our customers get the results they need or a full refund of the price.

We delete information detrimental to your reputation on the Internet

World Delete’s tools enable practically instantaneous fulfilment of our customers’ needs since we can delete any such Internet content within the first 24 hours of accepting the order, thus preventing any further damage to your reputation on the World Wide Web.

World Delete has increased more than 200% per year

World Delete has increased its customer portfolio by more than 200% per annum in recent years due to the ease with which users can publish anonymous, unfavourable comments on the Internet.

World Delete is the only company in the world which, before deleting the pernicious information, can detect data about the user who has posted the damaging content on the Internet if the customer so requests. If the customer wishes, World Delete will provide the information required to prosecute the person who published the adverse content with every chance of success since we will provide the digital evidence in a report signed by a qualified expert witness with sufficient legal standing in the field of information technology.

As you can imagine, reporting negative content that you detect on the Internet to the Police or filing a complaint in court very rarely produces satisfactory results and can give rise to expensive legal fees and court costs. Furthermore, the judicial bureaucracy can draw out the process for more than a year. And meanwhile, the injurious content remains on the Internet where it can cause significant  reputational impairment and generate serious financial losses.

That is why World Delete is your best bet to eliminate the offending content quickly while providing evidence for your defence. Naturally, all information, whether verbal or documentary, exchanged between the customer and World Delete on any medium, including in-person communication, is treated with the strictest confidentiality.

World Delete

Protection of the on-line reputation of natural and legal persons.

World Reputation

Automatic and manual monitoring of content published on the Internet.

World Intelligence

Develops internal apps for public bodies and large corporations.

Deleting detrimental content de from any platform on the Internet.