What are these of financial information databases about individuals, companies and public bodies for?

Financial data

In line with our customers’ requirements, we need to delete financial data from private databases currently used by 99% of the world’s financial institutions.

Use of these databases by financial institutions provides them with knowledge of the reputation of their clients in financial matters; court rulings, financial crimes committed anywhere in the world, records of press articles for issues related to the economy and potential links with other parties who are also in the same database because they have committed crimes or are under investigation on suspicion of having done so. 

But the truth is often very different: We have worked with people who appear in these databases due to a simple mention in a digital medium that subsequently impeded our customers from performing routine transactions on the financial system.

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They can lead to seizure of your bank assets

If your name appears in any of these databases the banking institutions have an ethical and legal duty to cancel any credits and even block the account in compliance with the international regulations on tax evasion.

Deleting detrimental content de from any platform on the Internet.