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Can you imagine how it would affect you if banks, governments and companies suspected you of being a terrorist?

Currently there are three well-known and frequently-used databases to which only the credit institutions, corporations and private entities have access. 

These databases have almost 3 million references to people and organisations marked as delinquents or with extremely high credit risks. The natural and legal persons on the list are classified according to “external sources”.

It seems that the classification is created on the basis of information from different sources, mostly open to the public such as press articles, blogs and content from judicial databases. The data include names, places, dates of birth and details concerning the person’s education. An investigation by Vice News, however, has revealed that Social Security or even passport numbers are sometimes included. “Investigated”, “accused”, “questioned”, “arrested” or “prosecuted” can be read on some people’s profiles in what can be only be described as a private criminal record available on the Internet by subscription. The list also includes links to the sources taken into account to label each person on the list with a criminal classification. There are often links to posts on blogs in which the person concerned is accused of terrorism without any real evidence since the blog’s veracity is more than questionable.

Some profiles have not been updated for as long as eight years, demonstrating the need to work with the tools at World Delete’s disposal.

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